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Project infection is a pen and paper role-playing game. The game is set on Earth a couple years into the future. This Earth is on a different timeline from the earth we know. Massive solar flare knocking out 90% of the world's electronics along with a raging infection taking control of humans introducing them to an animalistic instincts. Players act as hired mercenaries or much-needed heroes or even still thugs raining hell down on anyone in their way. This adventure based game takes the players through a broken society for them to combat infected creatures and other factions that may get in their way. Letting players level up and buy new gear they can continue to make their way  through a campaign. Game Masters are able to print out current maps of local or distant areas and use them as play fields, such as a local library or big box store. Players can then use these maps and do combat with the Game Masters NPCs.


Image by Kory Cromie 2019

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