I am working to make a table top game with RPG elements that everyone can enjoy. The game based around a D10 as been in development by myself with friends and family advise,since 2014. The core rule book since has the name Project Infection copy righted. I am hopping to keep adding to this Infection world with the addition of extra books and a light novel, time and work permitting. If you have played games like pathfinder and D&D, then elements of this game should be easy to pick up on.Be sure to check out our discord too for chatting and in game questions. 

My name is Anthony. I have been working on Project Infection since 2014 as a hobby. A lot of friends and play testers have enjoyed the game so I am hoping to bring it to a larger audience now. With the help of many different artists, this game has begun to take on a visually stunning new life. I am looking forward to adding to the Project Infection universe over time. I really hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed making it!