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Meet Marco Peter DiSessa Erovante. Charismatic Italian mercenary. Marco is one of a few pre-made heroes to be used in game. Feel free to come by for demos and try out Marco.

This assault rifle wielding, slick talking, fang growing hero, is of the Face archetype. The only archetype that can use social combat, letting him sling carefully crafted peer presser to avoid getting into firefights. His Pharaoh's Eye is an augmented reality to help give him the edge up on diplomacy and bluff checks.

Art by Jonathan Lee

Thank you to my uncle Vince for posing.

Download his character sheet here.

Marco MARKED.png
AlaxaFinal MARKED.png

Meet Alexa. Growing up is rough, even more so when you have close-minded parents who deal with your bisexuality by throwing the Bible and medication at it. Alexa is a high school dropout who made her way in life with her wit and devil-like tongue. She is a Face Archetype and uses her diplomacy and con as a combat skill to put people down or sway them one way or the other.

This punk rock, kick ass girl with her shotgun and submachine gun, is as done with the world as it was with her. Her no f@#$s given attitude plays out on the battlefield, leading her to give support at any time with her words or agility. Now, she is one of a few pre-made heroes to be used in game. Feel free to come by for demos and try out Alexa.

Art by Jonathan Lee 2019

Download her Character Sheet here.


Thank you to Lauren for the original reference art for Alexa ~!~ 😁 Couldn't have made her without you!

Download her character sheet here.

Wolf_final Marked.png

Meet Miyoko “Wolf” Nakagawa. Miyoko has dual citizenship from Japan and the United States. Born in Japan, she later became a US citizen and member of the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (NJROTC). This military brat who was raised by a Major General and a Front Admiral, ended up graduating from the US Special Forces before the world went sideways. Miyoko is one of a few pre-made heroes to be used in game. Feel free to come by for demos and try out Miyoko.

Miyoko is a very skilled marksmen and what she lacks in strength, she makes up for in intelligence. She is a Spook archetype hero, excelling in sniper rifle class weapons. The infection has changed her body a bit more than others. While still sane in her own right, she is now is viewed as more of a demi-human than a fellow brother-in-arms. Since she has been removed from the Armed Services, she is now working as a hero for hire. Her infection power allows her to pass through hoards of infected creatures relatively unscathed. This only works when there is a lack of hive mind.

Art by Jonathan Lee 2019

Download her Character Sheet here.

BearFinal MARKED.png

Meet Святополк (Svyatopolk) “Dr. Bear” Михайлов (Mikhailov). Dr. Bear was a proud member of the medical corps in the Russian Armed Forces before the Revolution. He was drafted to attack the East Coast shortly before the flare and was among thousands of soldiers derilicked in the United States afterwards. Dr. Bear is one of a few pre-made heroes to be used in game. Feel free to come by for demos and try out Svyatopolk Mikhailov.

Not the most combat oriented individual, Dr. Bear is extremely healthy and built like a truck. His hands are far from clean of innocent blood, having used his skills to either heal or harvest people's organs. Tired of favoritism and poor leadership, Dr. Bear left the People’s Socialist of Russia Army (PSR) on the West Coast of the United States and has since joined the heroes for hire. Still ever the student he is learning more and helping as he goes along with his trusty baseball bat, “Morphine.”

Art by Jonathan Lee

Download his character sheet here. 

Meet Ikaika “Flower” Lee. Ikaika is happy-go-lucky Samoan with a whatever happens, happens, attitude. Having been a long time assassin of the corrupt and criminal head honchos, he has finally chosen to aid in the rebuilding of humanity. Ikaika is one of a few pre-made heroes to be used in game. Feel free to come by for demos and try out Ikaika.

Ikaika is a skilled swordsman who chooses to get up close and personal, rather than firing a gun from a safe distance. Not that he has an issue with anyone else's style of fighting, but he is happy the way he is. He is a Bruiser archetype hero who once was a killer for hire, but now runs with the hero for hire.

Art by Kory Cromie

Special thanks to my co-worker and very good D&D friend Toua for posing as a reference!


Download character sheet here. 

Red Cloey finished.png

Meet Tanya Samantha Wührer. This duel pistol carrying daredevil is an expert at demolitions. Tanya is a southern raised native Texan. She went from farming fish to making fireworks. By age 16 she was already in college-level chemistry and at 22 she took on her first apprenticeship. At age 31 she now has a duel masters in Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and is one of a few pre-made heroes for players to pick from when they start the game.

This hero is a virtuoso archetype, meaning she excels at non-combat skills and starts the game with a few more of these skills than other archetypes. Electrical engineer background makes it so one of her pistols is a rewired nail gun, using high powered magnets to fire nails short distances. Gains bonus damage within 2 meters from a target.

Art by Héctor Sevilla Luján

Thank you to my best friend Christa for posing 😃

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