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What is Project Infection?

A turn-based, pen and paper role-playing game.


Project Infection is set in a world that's eerily familiar yet fundamentally changed, where a devastating infection has turned most of Earth's population into undead-like beings. This new reality forces survivors to fight for their lives. Adding to the chaos, a massive solar flare has wiped out most of the world's electronics, making survival even more challenging.

Click here to view our pre-made characters. The game will be launched with each pre-made to allow players to quickly jump into game play. Special thanks to the artists and inspirations that brought each character to life.

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Play-test Module 

We are working on a playtest or a kind of adventure module, for players interested in trying out the game. Though this is not yet complete, watch here for updates. Players can expect the module to have multiple maps, gridded with hexes along with a handful of missions. These missions will, of course, have at least one of everyone's favorites, escort mission or protect a location or item mission. (maybe it will have all three) The module has a lot more than just the few playtest missions in it and will also be something we want to work on and develop into a small book for our players. 

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Though Project Infection is set on Earth and players can use real life maps, this module will be set in a fictional town outside of Roanoke, Virginia.

This is for our local players who want to test out the game! please let us know on Facebook if you are in the area and want to test it out.

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